Aloha! I’m Galen Rose…

galenroseheadI am an avid cook, gardener and I love to travel. Over the years, I have repaired bikes, been a telephone solicitor, a day care aide, managed the order department of a family law publishing firm and for 9 years I ran my own on-line Celtic jewelry and gifts store. A Jill of many trades but not one true color for my parachute, until the day I really sat down to write and kept on writing for three months. Once I came up  to breathe and catch up on life and laundry, I knew I had finally discovered what I wanted to do. Little did I know at that time how the road to publishing can be filled with twists, turns and lots of  bumps…or rejections…same thing.  

Then a good friend sent me a link to a new romance line that was  accepting submissions, and now here I am delving in to a whole new adventure and learning experience. Thanks for taking the journey with me.