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3 weeks…21 days…504 hours

July 30th! 3 weeks…21 days…504 hours, until my first book is published! It feels like it has taken forever to get here. About six years to be exact, from the time that I sat down and started writing Laney & Sean's story. I have been writing stuff since I was a kid but other than short stories for school assignments, I had never finished a novel length story. Little did I know that writing it was actually going to be the easy part. I find that some of the hardest parts to writing is editing and critiquing. And out of those two, having my work critiqued is the hardest to deal with. It has taken some time not to take it personally as my 'baby' gets hacked to pieces. But what does not kill me makes me stronger and it has made my writing stronger too. Plus over the years I have found some wonderful mentors who are great at critiquing.

Once I received my book cover it was all I could do not to run around yelling, "My book cover is here! I'm somebody!" Seeing that cover and finding it on Amazon, sealed the deal in many ways. This is real! I AM AN AUTHOR!

Later this month I'll be attending the Romance Writers of America convention and I cannot wait to meet my fellow Crimson Romance authors. The ladies that I have met because of Crimson Romance have made this process of being published so much easier. 

Tune in on Wednesday where I'll have an interview with fellow Crimson Romance author, Kristina Knight.

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