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When Laney Murphy walks into Muldoon’s Pub in San Francisco, she has no idea that her life is about to change forever. The Muldoon’s offer of a job and a place to stay seems just too good to be true. Nothing has ever come easy in Laney’s life and she isn’t going to start believing in the goodness of strangers now. Besides, trusting and caring has only led to heartache.

Sean Muldoon, the pub-owner’s son, can spot a con artist a mile away, and with one look at hard-edged Laney Murphy, he’s sure she’s nothing but trouble. His family has been taken for a ride before and he won’t let it happen again. He just doesn’t understand why his family insists on helping this woman.

He soon discovers that Laney is not all sharp tongue and sarcasm, and he finds himself wanting to kiss her more than deck her. Now if he can just get through her thick head his feelings are real.

But Laney’s past isn’t that far behind her and she will soon have to put her life and love on the line to save Sean and the new family she has come to care for.

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