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Support your local gunslinger… I mean author!


My book went live today! I cannot even begin to describe how I feel. Over the moon! Walking on air!

At each stage since being signed by Crimson Romance the weird, surreal feelings have lessened and the reality has set in. I am a published author. Now the work begins. Or should I say, the harder work begins.

The amount of media savy needed to get people reading your book is huge! I sat in on several classes on media/promotion during the RWA conference and the one thing I learned… everyone does it differently and you need to find what works for you. Blog? Facbook? Twitter? The bottom line… keep writing!

My brother and several friends are all in the process of trying to self-publish their works. I met so many people at RWA working hard to get published. I met a young screenwriter at Disneyland, trying to get his script read. All have asked, what did you do to get that brass ring. My bottom line answer is…


For all the readers out there, the best way to support your local/fav author, is buy their book, post a review.  If you liked it, talk about it. Tell everyone.

I hope that all who read my book like it, but I know some won't. I know I will probably get a bad review or two too. It happens. Someone at RWA said they absolutely will not read their bad reviews. Another writer told of a lengthy and scathing review of his earlier work… now that reviewer is a dear friend of his. It still comes down to what works for you. But keep writing!

And what works for me right now… a Frappacino from Starbucks and enjoying the fruits of my labor. But tomorrow…it's back to WRITING!











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