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Discovery by Lisa White


Last August, Crimson Romance author, Lisa White stopped by for an interview. Today she's back with a new book, DISCOVERY, and she's giving us an excerpt.



Excerpt from DISCOVERY:



            The highway patrolman wrote “Unknown” on the blank line across from the word “Cause.” He hated using that word, especially when death was involved, but the seasoned officer did not know what else to write in his report.

            The weather was clear. The road was dry. No other cars were involved. But here he was, staring at a crushed wad of metal in the middle of the road while the sun glimmered brightly off the van’s chrome accents. The chrome accents that had adorned the van only a few hours earlier. The shiny chrome ribbons contrasted sharply against the black tar of the hot pavement underneath and it seemed strange to the patrolman that, despite the acrid smell of burnt metal lofting around the van, there was no evidence of fire. None of the chrome pieces were burned or even scratched. They were dented and twisted, sure, but no burn marks could be seen anywhere.

            Looking closer at what used to be the family’s minivan, the patrolman noticed that the same was true for the van’s paint. It was a metallic light blue that matched the color of today’s clear sky, but the van’s blue parts, while wadded up together like one large piece of notebook paper, were as clean as the day the car rolled off the assembly line. There were no scratches crossing through the blue, no burned spots dirtying up the paint’s glitter. Instead, it looked as if the parts were originally molded in their present contorted form and then sprayed with the shiny blue paint like some modern-day sculpture on display in the latest hip art gallery.

            The patrolman stopped writing his report, placed his pen in its usual spot on his clipboard, and peered down through the shattered window into what was left of the van’s interior. In all his years on the job, he had never seen anything like this. Except for the dark red blood stains running through the beige leather and the copious used gauze pads left behind by the paramedics, the van’s crushed interior was pristine, as clean as the new models sitting on the showroom floor at an auto mall. It was as if someone had picked up the minivan, dunked it in bath water and, while still holding it under the water, crushed the van and its occupants, ending the massacre by delicately placing the washed metal mess back in the middle of the road from whence it came.    

            The patrolman took a deep breath, kicked at a stray gauze pad, and began writing his report again. Four of the van’s five occupants died that day and the patrolman reasoned that the van’s unusual pristine interior somehow helped protect the surviving, slender, four–year–old girl from the other occupants’ fate. He had dealt with dozens of crashes during his years on the force, but those involving children never failed to affect him, especially those that produced orphans. The young girl’s wide eyes frantically darting around the scene as the paramedics loaded her into the ambulance left another scar on the patrolman’s memory and he knew her blue eyes would haunt his dreams for quite a few nights going forward. He was so captivated by the girl’s eyes he never saw the man standing on the high ridge overlooking the crash site.

            The man who smelled of burnt metal.

            The man who did not understand why the girl was still alive.



LISA WHITE was born in Kingsport, Tennessee and raised in Bristol, Virginia.  After graduating from the University of Virginia with a degree in Italian language and literature, she obtained her law degree from the University of Richmond School of Law.

When not practicing law, Lisa enjoys gardening, spending time with friends and family, and, of course, writing romance novels.  She is a member of Romance Writers of America and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.  Her first novel, THE LAWS OF LOVE, was released by Crimson Romance in July, 2012.  In April, 2013, Crimson Romance released her second novel, DISCOVERY, the first book in her Council of Powers trilogy.  DISCOVERY is a new adult paranormal romance where two friends discover hidden powers and the love that makes these powers great. 

Lisa currently lives in Southwest Virginia with her husband and two children where she is frantically writing another story in which her readers can escape…one page at a time. 



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I highly recommend Lisa's novel to anyone who likes imaginative fiction.  It is a YA novel that adults will enjoy, too.  Congrats on your recent release, Lisa, and may you have much success with this series.  I can't wait to read your next novel!

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