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Food For Thought

I like food. Truly, it's more of a love affair with it. Not always a healthy affair, as evidenced by my expanding wasitline. But I love it nonetheless! The taste, smell, texture and even the memories it can conjure up too. 

A slice of fresh pineapple in a tall glass of ice tea can take me back to my first trip to Maui with my mom, many years ago. It was a great trip for us to celebrate my birthday and Mother's Day that were on the same day that year. It was ten days of fun, relaxing and some adventures too. It also set my love for Maui as well, but that's a different post.

The smell of onions frying in butter will forever be associated with my grandmother, Gammy. No matter how late we arrived for a visit, she always had homemade vegatable/barley soup simmering on the stove and thick slices of roast beef frying in butter and onions. She made the most incredible pies and there was never a lack of cookies for us grandkids. As a child I would sit on the counter near (but not too near) the stove and stir my 'creation' in my own little Revereware pot as she would create away. I am sure my love of cooking grew from those interactions of rolling dough and making pierogi with her.

Food brings families together at holidays and who can resist hanging out in the kitchen at a party!

Food nourishes our body and in many ways our souls. If we feed our bodies a diet of wholesome foods we know that it restores our bodies, making them run at an optimum level of health and energy. In much the same way, writing nourishes the writer's soul. When we create and our WIP hums along, we are feedling ourselves a delicious diet of words and feelings that transcends the page and feeds our reader too. (at least that's the plan) We want to have the reader sated but yet wanting just one more bite.

Taking the time and making the effort for good choices can be a difficult task. To write daily, promote weekly, and keep your eye on the prize…the next book. But there are many temptations out there, that are so hard to resist. That one slice of deep rich dark chocolate cake, or that TV show you keep seeing previews for. I say have a bite of that cake! Record that TV show for later, but get back to what's really important. Writing!





2 replies on “Food For Thought”

Nice post, I especially liked:  "We want to have the reader sated but yet wanting just one more bite."  Good analogy!  I definitely want my reader hungry for more.  Thanks for the food for thought.  

Good points, Galen. I love to cook. I don't mind taking the time to prepare food that tastes good because it does take time.

On our vacation this year, 4 adults, we made a deal to forgo as many carbs as possible (errr, we did have happy hour) and exercise every day. I'm happy to say I didn't gain vacation pounds. But man, it gets harder and harder to lose weight as we age. Just not fair!

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