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Interview with author Kate Fellowes

Today I'd like to welcome Crimson Romance author, Kate Fellowes. Tell us about your book.


Kate: Aspiring investigative journalist Allison Belsar has exactly zero interest in tagging along with the society set when they visit Belize. But when the trip is sponsored by the local zoo and her editor issues the order, she packs her bags and shows up on time.

Turns out there’s more to this adventure than red-eyed tree frogs and Mayan ruins. Something criminal is going on. But what? And how does that gorgeous tour guide figure into events? He’s close at hand every time there’s danger.

Of course, he’s nearby plenty of other times, too. The moments she spends in his arms are as magical as the moonlight on a tropical night. Allison is in danger of losing her heart to this man, and her life to a deadly ring of criminals who will do anything to keep their secrets hidden deep in the jungle. This could be the story to make her career—if she lives to tell it.


Galen: Where would you like to travel to if you had to research an area?

Kate: I’ve been an Anglophile all my life, so I’d love to do some research in England.  What a great way that would be to combine business with pleasure!


Galen: Describe your workspace.

Kate: Over the years I’ve learned I can write anywhere.  In the car on a long drive while my husband listens to sports radio.  In front of the television, if I’m really absorbed in my project.  On my lunch break, squeezing in a few paragraphs.  When I have my choice, I like to write in my own backyard under a tree, or in the library at my Alma Mater.  I used to dream of having a desk in front of a window with a scenic view.  At college, that’s what I get.


Galen: What are the three books you’d have if you were stranded on a deserted isle?

Kate: Great question and a real brain teaser!  After much thought I would go with:

Camelot Caper, by Elizabeth Peters (my favorite book)

Sleeping Tiger, by Rosamund Pilcher (my favorite book—I have lots more than one!)

My current work-in-progress, of course!


Galen: Name two blogs you read everyday.

Kate: I read the Crimson Romance blog every day and am really enjoying getting to know all these wonderful writers.  And the day wouldn’t be complete without checking “Beyond Her Book” by Publisher Weekly’s Barbara Vey.  She is so in touch with the romance community and authors old and new.  And this year, she began having a Readers Appreciation Luncheon, bringing together authors and readers for a fabulous afternoon.  I’m thrilled that at next April’s event, as a Crimson Romance author, I’ll be hosting my own table.


Galen: Are you a pantzer or plotter?

Kate: Yes, I’m a pantzer.  No, wait, make that yes, I’m a plotter.  In truth, I’m equal parts both!  I have my idea, my characters, my beginning and my end before I get started.  But after that, I just jump in and write fifty pages or so.  By the time I write those, I can see the next fifty pages.  And so I build my novel, one step at a time.  It might be easier to write a longer outline, and be more methodical, but I have to say this method really works for me.



Galen: Did you sell the first book you wrote?

Kate: Yes.  I sold the first novel I ever actually finished.  I had a few false starts (don’t we all?) before I managed to take a story from Chapter One all the way to The End.  But that book, Secrets of Echo Moon, (Avalon Books, 1991), made me realize my dream of being a published novelist.  My new novel, Thunder in the Night, is my fifth.


Galen: What was the best piece of advice given to you?

Kate: I have a Kurt Vonnegut anecdote pasted on my computer.  He said someone told him once, “Just quit.  It’s such a relief.”  But he didn’t.  And neither will I.


Kate: Thanks, for giving me the chance to be on your blog today!  I’d love to talk to readers and writers.  You can find me at these places:




You can purchase Kate's latest book at:



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