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Interview with Callie Hutton

I'd like to introduce multi-published author, Callie Hutton. Callie has stopped by to talk about her new book, Daniel's Desire. Welcome Callie, tell us about your new book.

When Confederate soldier, Lt. Daniel McCoy makes his escape from a Union prison toward the end of the Civil War, his only thought is to get as far away from enemy territory as possible. But he doesn’t count on saving young widow Rosemarie Wilson’s life from an infected leg wound.

Rosemarie has no use for Rebels soldiers, having lost everything, including her husband, the last time they came to her home. However, Daniel has not only saved her life, but is sticking around to help with the farm and her three children until she recovers.

With Union soldiers searching for him, every day Daniel remains puts him in danger. Or is the beautiful widow who has captured his heart the greater risk?


Galen: What was the inspiration for Daniel's Desire?

Callie: With it being the 150th anniversary of the Civil War from 2011 to 2015, I thought it was an appropriate time to write a story set during that time. I will probably write another one or two in the future.


Galen: What’s your favorite line from one of your books?   

Callie: My all time favorite line is from my Historical Christmas novella from last year (A Wife By Christmas). In this scene, Ellie (the heroine) is climbing out of an upstairs bedroom window (the hero’s). She is hanging by her arms from the window sill, with him below her, waiting to catch her when she drops. With all the anxiety and trying to keep quiet (they don’t want to be caught – major indiscretion), she looks down at him, and says “Stop looking up my skirts.”



Galen: Are you a pantzer or a plotter?


Callie: Major pantser. I generally have an idea of what I want to write about, but just sit down and start writing, letting the characters take me where they want to go. Needless to say, my stories are very character driven.


Galen: What started you on the road to writing romance?

Callie: I read so many books where I said “I could do this.” I’d been writing all my life, with various magazines and newspapers picking up some of my articles. Finally, on summer break from school (I worked as a substitute teacher at the time), I picked up one of my romance books, outlined the entire thing, and using that outline, wrote my very first romance book.


Galen: Do you remember the first romance book you read? If so, who was the author? What made it stick with you?

Callie: Although I read all the gothic romance novels, the very first ‘romance’ book that I distinctly remember was Parrish. It was the rage when I was in high school, and was later made into a movie with Troy Donahue. It probably stuck with me because we were all reading it in class, covering the paperback with one of our school books. Catholic high school, you see.


Galen: What are the three books you’d have if you were stranded on a deserted isle?

Callie: “How to Build an Unsinkable Boat With Trees and Bark”;  “How To Catch Fish With Your Hands”; and “Robinson Crusoe”  I tend to be a practical, problem-solving woman.


Galen: Describe your workspace.

Callie: I write mostly at work. I purposely took a job at a local cleaners where I’m alone from seven AM to noon when my relief comes in. Very slow traffic, so I bring my laptop and write almost the entire time. Also, no internet to distract me.


Galen: Where would you like to travel to if you had to research an area?

Callie: My husband and I plan a trip to England/Scotland/Ireland in two years. I plan to do a lot of research there (hence, write off my portion of the trip), because I’d like very much to write a Highlander book in the future.


Galen: If you could have any other job, (not your current writing or day job) what would it be?

Callie: History teacher. I was an Education/History major in college.


Galen: What do you do when you are not writing?

Callie: Read. I watch some news programs on TV, but not much else.


Galen: Best and worst part of being a writer?

Callie: Best: Doing something I’ve always loved. Worst: Promotion. I’d rather sit in my pajamas and furry slippers, sipping coffee and writing. However, my husband, who is also my self-appointed (and non-paid) publicist is booking me on speaking engagements and book signings. Sigh.


Galen: What was the best piece of advice given to you?

CallieIt’s not a failure until you give up.



The moonlight filtering through the window cast an eerie glow over the room. She shifted onto her side, clasping her hands together under her cheek. More than an hour passed before she felt herself drifting off.

Rosemarie’s eyelid’s popped open. What was that noise? She rolled onto her back as Daniel walked through the bedroom door. He stopped inside the door and stared at her. Slowly, he moved to her side and squatted down.

Her heart thumped so loudly, he must’ve heard it. Happiness warred with fear. His return put him in jeopardy, and her heart in danger.

He studied her face, his eyes seeking an answer to a question she wasn’t sure she wanted to answer. He ran his knuckles over her cheek. “I wanted to lead them away from here, so they would leave you in peace.”

“I thought you were halfway to Kentucky by now,” she whispered.

He smiled, flashing straight white teeth. “It crossed my mind, but you still need help.”

“Is that the only reason you came back?” She inhaled sharply, amazed at what she’d asked him.

“No.” He lowered his head, his breath fanning her face. “But I need to leave one day. You must know that.”

“I do.” The last words she murmured before he took possession of her mouth.


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