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Interview with Heather Thurmeier


Today I'd like to introduce author, Heather Thurmeier.  Welcome Heather, tell us about your book,

Falling for You!


Heather: My newest book out is Falling for You. It’s about a girl who goes on a reality dating show for a chance at falling in love again. And it’s the first in my new Reality TV Trilogy. The second will be released in Feb 2013.

Here’s the blurb to entice you. 😉

Newly single Cassidy Quinn is thrilled to be a contestant on the new reality dating show The One. But her excitement turns to horror when the gorgeous bachelor turns out to be her ex-boyfriend. Seeing Brad again makes Cassidy realize she might not be as “over him” as she thought—and then she meets hunky cameraman Evan Burke.

After watching his brother lose his wife in a tragic accident, Evan vows never to fall in love. But following Cassidy around as her personal cameraman makes him question his decision, and resisting her gets harder with every sunbathing, bikini-wearing day.

Cassidy and Evan begin a forbidden affair while her ex-boyfriend tries to win her heart back one groping, awkward moment at a time. If Cassidy can manage to stop falling off horses (literally), stop falling onto her ex-boyfriend, the bachelor (yes, literally), and stop falling in love with backstage playboy Evan, she might still make it through the show without becoming a tabloid sensation.

But soon Cassidy must choose between the ex who broke her heart and the cameraman who might never love her back. For Cassidy, this reality show just got real.


Galen: What was the inspiration for your Falling for You?

Heather: Falling for You is a reality TV show based romance. I’m a bit of a reality TV junkie so they were definitely an inspiration for this book. I hope other reality TV fans will find my book interesting and intriguing and different, but that it will also feel familiar to them…  almost as if they’re watching a season of their favorite show.


Galen: What’s your favorite line from one of your books?

Heather: Cassidy could do anything the other girls could—she’d just do it with a few more bruises and a lot less grace.


Galen: What started you on the road to writing romance?

Heather: I’ve always been a romantic. I love seeing people share their lives together. I always wonder how they met and fell in love. Then one day I got an idea for a book and I couldn’t resist writing it. So I did!


Galen: Are you a pantzer or plotter?

Heather: I’m a plotter all the way. I usually have fairly detailed outline completed before I start writing. It doesn’t mean I never stray from the outline, because I do. But before I begin, I have a really good sense of how I’m going to get my characters from chapter one through the end.


Galen: Did you sell the first book you wrote?

Heather: Yes! Falling for You is the first book I ever wrote. But it is the 4th to be published. This book was a journey for me. It was the book that made me start writing and because of that, it was also the book I learned the most about the craft of writing from. I’m thrilled that my book is finally in the hands of readers. There were many times along the way, from initial idea to seeing my book on Amazon, that I worried my book might never make it through the process. But it did. And I don’t think I could be any happier with the finished product. I love this story, I love these characters, and this book will always hold a special place in my heart as my first. I hope people will give it a chance and fall in love with Cassidy and Evan’s story as much as I have.


Galen: Do you remember the first romance book you read? If so, who was the author? What made it stick with you?

Heather: I don’t remember the name of the book, or anything else about the book for that matter, but I know it was a Harlequin. There was always one laying around from either my mum or sisters reading it.


Galen: If you could have any other job, (not your current writing or day job) what would it be?

Heather: I think I’d like to work with horses. I can’t imagine being in an office all day or stuck at meetings. It’s just not my thing. So I think I’d like to be out with the horse helping children do therapeutic riding or something similar. If I can’t be with my own family, then I think I’d like to be with someone else’s helping their child to have a good experience. Of course I’m not trained in anything related in any way to that field. But I do love kids and horses. 😉


Galen: Where would you like to travel to if you had to research an area?

Heather:There are a lot of places I’d love to travel, but if I was traveling for research for a book, then I’d have to pick England. I love reading books set in the England and I’m Canadian so I feel like I have some British embedded in my DNA. I’d love to go there and visit the country, see the sites, meet he people. Sigh. England would be so awesome.


Galen: Describe your workspace.

Heather: I’m afraid it’s not very interesting. I don’t have an office so right now I write sitting on the couch with my laptop or at the dining room table. I really need an office.


Galen: Best and worst part of being a writer.

Heather: Best part: The freedom of getting to be anyone I want, doing anything I want, and going anywhere I want via whatever book I’m currently writing.

Worst part: Getting a book I love rejected by an editor.


Galen: What are the three books you’d have if you were stranded on a deserted isle?

Heather: The complete Harry Potter series. I’m counting that as one book and you can’t stop me. 😉

The entire Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. Again, I’m counting it as one.

Pride and Prejudice because everyone says it’s amazing, but I’ve never read it.


Galen: Name two blogs you read everyday.

Heather: I’m not sure I read the same blogs everyday. I usually just click on something I see on twitter or Facebook that sounds interesting at the time. Websites I check on a daily basis are Cnn, goodreads, facebook and twitter.


Galen: What do you do when you are not writing?

Heather: When I’m not writing I keep busy being a full time stay at home mum. I run my kids to school and back, I volunteer in my kids classrooms at least once a month, and I chauffer them to after school activities. Aside from my mum duties, I love reading (of course!), geocaching, taking my dog for walks, and hanging out with friends. I’m always happy to host a game night or BBQ!


Galen: What was the best piece of advice given to you?

Heather: The best advice I’ve received so far is to just keep writing. Even if you sell your first book right away to a publisher, it might not be the book that attracts readers. So keep working on the next book and build your backlist. Give readers more than one option when they find your name among the millions of other authors out there. Sooner or later, one of your books is going to be the one that people can’t stop talking to their friends about!



Thank you so much for having me on your blog, Galen! And if any readers have questions for me, feel free to ask them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.


Happy reading!

Heather Thurmeier


"Heather Thurmeier's hunky heroes and feisty heroines will have you laughing out loud, falling in love … and coming back for more!" ~ Carly Phillips, NY Times Bestselling Author


"Heather Thurmeier writes sweet, funny romances that capture your heart!" –NYT and USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Probst







You can find FALLING FOR YOU and Heather's other books at:



Love and Lattes, Love on Landing, Love or Luxury, Bunny Hills and Bikinis, Falling for You ~ Available now!

Stuck on You, Lost without You ~ Coming Soon!



9 replies on “Interview with Heather Thurmeier”

Heather- I'm with you on loving to find out where and how couples met.  I'm such a sucker for romance, I could walk into the wedding of people who were complete strangers to me and bawl my eyes out!  I feel like this cover is going to take you places.  People will be drawn to it and want to read the book, and you'll do the rest!  Best wishes!

LOL, RT. Well it's not exactly by choice. I just don't have room for an office in this house without squishing a desk somewhere. So for now, the couch and the dining room table work. I just try to wipe up the sticky milk spills from breakfast before I put my laptop down.

Very interesting blog, loved the website (your friends).  The novel 'Falling for You' sounds great!  I would never have thought of writing a romance novel about one of those awful reality shows.  But yours sound like a great read.  Keep writing so I can keep reading.

Oh Mary, you just haven't found the right 'awful' reality show to pique your interest yet! They do provide a lot of inspiration for the third book in the reality tv series I'm currently writing. LOL. Love to do my research each night with new shows!

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