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Interview with Nikkie Locke


Today I am welcoming Nikkie Locke to my blog! Her book, Unbound was just released yesterday!

Congratulations Nikkie!


Galen: Nikkie, Tell us about your book.

Nikkie: Unbound is a romance suspense novel set in a small town called Hartsville. Payten Bailey is the heroine, and Dean Whitley is the hero. These two are just starting their relationship when she is targeted in a series of attacks.

Dean Whitley is no stranger to murder. In the small town of Hartsville, he isn’t just another one of the guys. He is a survivor of the killing spree that left his mother dead and his father heartbroken. Determined to avoid the same lonely fate, he refuses to pursue the one woman he knows he could fall for.


Payten Bailey isn’t looking for a happily ever after ending. Busy running her parents’ diner, she isn’t looking for a relationship at all in spite of her friends’ insistent prodding.

An unexpected, and perhaps unavoidable, kiss puts Dean and Payten on a collision course toward disaster. As things heat up between the two, something far deadlier than the temperature is rising. Dean’s worst fears come to life when Payten becomes the target for a killer. Plagued by nightmares of his mother’s murder, Dean is determined to protect Payten at any cost.

The small town police department struggles to find the man behind the attacks. The longer it takes to find answers, the more time a killer has to plan his final revenge.


Galen: Do you remember the first romance book you read? If so, who was the author? What made it stick with you?

Nikkie: The first romance novel I ever read wasn’t a strict romance novel. When I was thirteen, I was at Wal-Mart with my mother scouring the book aisle. I’d read everything in the young adult section and started looking for something in the adult section. I went home with JD Robb’s Imitation in Death.

I loved everything about the book. The depth of the characters, the hunt for the killer, bad-ass Eve, yummy Roarke, and especially the relationship between them just captured my attention in a way nothing I was reading at the time had. I was hooked. I just kept thinking, “This is real life. This is how things are!” Deep thoughts for a thirteen year old kid in middle school. Scary thoughts considering how many people die in that book.

After Imitation in Death, I started reading Nora Roberts books. It wasn’t a huge leap considering they’re the same author under two different names.


Galen: If you could have any other job, (not your current writing or day job) what would it be?

Nikkie: I’ve considered lots of job options- ballerina, book store owner, police officer, anthropologist, zoo keeper, wedding planner, tour guide in a foreign country, bed and breakfast hostess, Queen. Some are more unrealistic than others… 🙂 That’s the best part of being a writer. You get to do everything.


Galen: Describe your workspace.

Nikkie: My desk is a joke. It’s this beautiful “L” shaped desk that a friend of mine and I spent hours putting together. Leather inlay. Gorgeous. It’s also covered with crap. Sticky notes, notebooks, loose pages, stacks of novels, framed pictures scattered about, occasionally littered with clean laundry. My laptop usually joins me in bed or the couch. I get most of my work done there.


Galen: What are the three books you’d have if you were stranded on a deserted isle?

Nikkie: Oh jeez. Just three books? I might be able to do three series, but books? You’re killing me! Okay. Let’s try this. JR Ward’s Lover Awakened would make the list because it is one of my all-time favorites. I cry every time I read it. Zsadist and Bella’s struggle is so powerful. Angela Knight’s Stranded would make the list because it takes place on a deserted island and I could fantasize about the book’s hero being on the island with ME! The final would be any of Julie Garwood’s Highlander books. I love those books- all of them.


Galen: Name two blogs you read every day.

Nikkie: Every day, I read a variety of blogs- writing blogs, author blogs, agent blogs. Tons of writing related blogs are on the list. The only blog I check daily is Weddingbee ( Oh, the curse of a long engagement.


Galen: Are you a pantzer or plotter?

Nikkie: I’m a bit of both. I tend start out just writing, and then I plot a little bit ahead. I’m always surprised how I get to the end though.


Galen: What’s your favorite line from one of your books?

Nikkie: This is a line from a paranormal I currently have on the back burner in favor of a second book set in Hartsville. I’m looking forward to getting back to it.

“Never show weakness in front of someone who would gladly eat you. It was just one of his personal rules.”


Thank you so much for stopping by! Want to know more about Nikkie? You can find her at the following places:




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