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Tag! You’re It!


My work-in-progress has been tagged by author Suzanne Barrett. You can read about her work in progress, a romantic suspense at Bellarustique.

What is the title of your book?

It is tentatively titled, The Trouble With Paradise


Where did the idea for the book come from?

I have been blessed to go to Maui many times over the last twenty years. A few years ago I was looking through a magazine for weddings in Maui, when I wondered about how bad it would be to get there and be prepared to marry the man of your dreams and be left at the alter!


What genre does your book fall under?



Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

Not sure yet on this one. I am still getting a feel for each of the main characters.


What is the one sentence synopsis of your book?

Can a jilted bride turn her lonely honeymoon into something fun or will there be trouble in paradise?

Will your book be self-published or agented?

I don't have an agent and I won't show this to my current publisher, Crimson Romance until it is finished. I do plan to have it done by Christmas though.


How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?

I'm still writing the first draft! Although I did the opening first two chapters a couple of years ago, I'd rather say it has taken me three months than three years to craft it!


What other books within your genre would you compare your WIP to?

humm.. maybe a cross between any of the crazy Stephanie Plum books and Agnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie & Bob Mayer.


Who or what inspired this book?

My imagination combined with some lovely relaxing on a beach. It takes about oh, five minutes after touching down in Kahalui, Maui for my brain to realize it can now let go of way too much stuff packed into it and start relaxing.


What else about your book might pique the readers interest?

I plan to feature acutal places from the island so it could be a travel reference too.



That's a slice of my work in progress. Please check back to see how it's going. I will update from time to time. Meanwhile, I'll be tagging five other authors to take part. I'll let you know who they are and each time they post about their work-in-progress.

(photo references, #1 view of Lānaʻi from Napili,  #2 hibiscus flower,  #3 Nakalele Blowhole)


8 replies on “Tag! You’re It!”

I've been to the islands several times, but my favoite is Maui. If it could spend a couple months there a year, I would. Boy, do I need to sell a pile of books first! Looking forward to reading your book, Galen. Keep on writing!


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